And the angel of imagination opened up my gate...
She said come right in, I heard you knocking with your heart.

On May 28th I hosted EJ Taylor in my home for a 6 day marionette workshop. It was an incredible expierence to learn from an artist of EJ's caliber, he is a marvelous teacher who challenges you to always do your best work and is so willing to share his creative magic with his students.  We had a great group of talented, creative, fun women,who were eager to learn more about their craft. Thank you all for making this such a great class.

Thank you EJ for your willingness to share not only your skills and techniques, but for allowing us a glimpse into that creative magic.  Your genius has truly helped elevate our genre from dollmaking to art. For those of you who have never taken a Master Class, I strongly encourage you to do it. There is no substitute for that hands-on- learning, especially from a Master Doll Artist like EJ Taylor.

EJ will be teaching several workshops around the country this year.